The All-Stars Club Feature

The All-Stars Club provides a home for friends with special needs, read about how they provide an MVP experience for All-Stars and their families.

Play Fantasy Basketball for Nonprofits on DraftMates

You can now support nonprofit organizations through basketball, read more about how

Beyond Sports Network Foundation Feature

The Beyond Sports Network (BSN) Foundation is one of the first nonprofit organizations dedicated to student-athletes and their career. They provide a premium resource that helps bridge the gap between a student-athlete and what it takes to reach the next level. Using state of the art technology, BSN holds state ...

New Features including Autopick, Contest History, and Variable Donation amounts

Read about our new features to the application with our first major update going through.

DraftMates - Fantasy Sports Fundraising Platform for Everyone

Compete for a cause on DraftMates. Learn about how we're making fantasy sports where everyone can enjoy some friendly competition with the bigger goal of supporting nonprofit organizations and their causes.

Nonprofit Organization Feature: 2nd & 7

Read more about 2nd & 7 and how they encourage student athletes to help 2nd graders read more books.

Nonprofit Organization Feature: The Kluber Family Foundation

Read more about the Kluber Family Foundation and their mission to assist serious and chronically ill children and their families.

We Have Liftoff

It's here. The launch of DraftMates (for iOS and Android) signals a new way to play and raise money for nonprofits through fantasy sports.

Nonprofit Organization Feature: Armstrong Institute for Interactive Media Studies at Miami University (OH)

Learn more about the Armstrong Institute for Interactive Media Studies at Miami University as we feature the first nonprofit organization to host a public contest with DraftMates.

Welcome to DraftMates

Connect. Compete. Give. Impact. With the NFL season approaching, learn how you can use DraftMates to play fantasy games to support 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organizations.