Select a public contest and compete against other cause supporters to see who can score the most points.


Pay the entry fee to enter the contest and create your lineup. 85% of your entry fee goes directly to the nonprofit organization holding the public contest. This isn’t gambling, we’re all just competing for a cause.


Track your lineup in real-time to see how you stack up against the field.


Connect with your friends, coworkers, and contacts and invite them to your private league.


Select whether you’ll be playing for bragging rights or playing to support nonprofit organizations. Click here for more details.

If you’re playing for nonprofit organizations, the commissioner selects the entry fee and all of the participants select a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization when they set their lineup. 85% of the entry fees go towards the nonprofit organization the winner selected as donations from each contestant. If you have more than 20 contestants, multiple nonprofit organizations will benefit. The full breakdown can be seen below.

2-20 players 21-100 players 101 and above
1st Place 100% 60% 40%
2nd Place 0% 25% 25%
3rd Place 0% 15% 15%
4th Place 0% 0% 12%
5th Place 0% 0% 8%


Group chat with your league during the games to talk smack while your team backs it up.


Have your greatness immortalized through trophies and achievements.